Sterek Fic Recs #26

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Adorable Is Not the Word | 26,172 | Mature | Feels

Pretend Boyfriends | AU: Human 

Derek didn’t even like Stiles Stilinski, but with Laura paying him a surprise visit he needed a pretend partner and he needed one fast. Stiles just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Completely coincidentally of course; it didn’t have anything to do with the crush Derek had on Stiles for months. That was purely physical anyway.

Beauty and the Ex | 26,313 | Mature | Feels 

AU: College | Magic!Stiles 

Stiles doesn’t want to screw up his chances with Josh, so he does something he may regret: he goes to Derek Hale, Josh’s intimidating ex-boyfriend, for dating advice.

Things don’t go according to plan. But with a little magic (and werewolves) they might go all right.

The Boy and the Beast | 116,686 | Mature | Angst 

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

I’m Still Up and Driving 58,155 | Mature | Angst 


Jackson decides to teach Stiles a lesson for the interest he shows in Lydia. Stiles doesn’t say anything until four months later.

Winter of the Fall | 12,783 | Explicit | Feels 


Of course it couldn’t be an ordinary cold snap. Of course there was something supernatural to it. That was just how things worked in Beacon Hills. (or five times Stiles was cold and one time he wasn’t.)

I Do Do You? | 6,540 | Explicit | Angst 

Stiles and Derek wake up hung over and married in a hotel room in Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be so bad if the year before their relationship hadn’t fallen apart.

Mistletoe Never Lies | 19,220 | Explicit | Feels 

Pretend Boyfriends | AU: Human | No Hale Fire 

Derek Hale loves his family, he really does. He just wishes they weren’t so determined to set him up. When he finally blurts out that he has a boyfriend, and quickly gives his mother the name of the barista at his local coffee shop as his “boyfriend”, he figures that buys him a little peace.
He probably should have been paying attention to the part of the conversation where he agreed to bring Stiles home for Christmas to meet the family.

Beltane | 8,245 | Explicit | Angst 


"Watching Stiles heal someone has always been a little uncomfortable for Derek, like he’s seeing something intimate and private that shouldn’t have an audience. That’s nothing compared to how it feels." This is an AU in which Stiles has magical healing powers.

You Were a Kindness When I Was a Stranger | 8,092 | Explicit | Porn with (some) Plot  

AU: Human | 50 Shades AU

"It’s not all handcuffs and spankings and learning to deep throat." This is an AU with consensual BDSM sex acts, in which Derek supports Stiles financially in exchange for a sexual relationship. Stiles is of legal age.

Cool Story, Bro | 13,087 | Explicit | Angst 


Based on a truly ridiculous conversation with Kalpurna about a hypothetical Stilinski Twins situation that ended up sounding something like:

“FUUUUUUCK, is it a sweet valley high situation where Stiles is very aware that his twin is way more attractive and confident than he is, EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE IDENTICAL, and he always ends up with the hotter significant others and more friends and Stiles guesses that’s why he’s attracted to the pack at first, because it’s something that’s just his, not his twin’s too. But of course, Stiles’s twin gets bit and now he’s part of Derek’s pack, and Derek doesn’t snap at him like he snaps at Stiles, never slams him into things, fucking FIGURES, STILES’S TWIN GETS EVERYTHIIIIIIIING.”

Kalpurna/good ideas OTP.

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